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February 20, 2014

 Appreciation, is easier said but not so often expressed sincerely.  Having spent the last 15 years of my life, also in the healthcare industry, I will admit I can be quite judgmental and critical when dealing with others.

 To, Tulare Chiropractic Clinic and, I include each and everyone of you, I had the pleasure to have come in contact with, I wish to give a heartfelt sincere Thank You.  From the friendly professional way in which everyone did their job, to the friendly professional way I was never treated lit it was a job.

 After my recent poor experiences prior to coming into your office I, with honesty, was concerned and hesitant to say the least.          

 Dr. Mitchell, your treatment and focus on what the goals were and the clarity in which the treatments followed have reassured my faith not to mention eliminated a great deal of pain.

 Thank you for everything and you have now raised the bar in my eyes for all I have contact with in the future!


 Susan Harrington           





 I started having back pain some months ago.  I got to the point that when standing up, I was not able to stand up straight and start walking right away.  In addition, when I would sit down, I would start to sit and then drop down to sit on the chair.  Also at various times while walking, I would experience shortness of breath.  My daughter then encouraged me to see Dr. Mitchell.  Dr. Mitchell took x-rays and discovered a compressed disc.  Within a few weeks of treatment, I could feel the difference.  I started to stand up straight and start walking with ease.  Also, sitting down is much easier now.  I was not even aware that my neck was stiff until the treatments started and my neck started to feel much better.

Dr. Mitchell and his staff are super nice and very helpful.  They help work out the finances and make the appointments convenient. 

Thank You!!!!!!

 Grace Moreno
April, 2013


January 11, 2010


"Dear Dr. Mitchell:

I’ve been meaning to write this letter for some time.  It’s long overdue and my apologies for its delay.

In December of 2008, as you know, I was diagnosed with a condition called “occipital neuralgia”, a very debilitating illness with excruciating head pain - not a migraine headache.  It began a month prior at work and worsened occurring every 24 hours, and lasting from two to eight hours.  As you witnessed, the pain was so severe, it brought me to tears and in a fetal position, completely disabling any chance I had for employment.

When I was diagnosed with this condition in December of 2008, the doctor recommended I seek chiropractic help.  He further explained a chiropractor would be able to “manipulate” the occipital nerve back into place, thus, relieving the most severe pain.  With no guarantees, I followed his suggestion and sought your help.  From the beginning to the end, you and your staff were courteous and caring.  With genuine concern, you treated my condition with heat treatment, some massage, and “snap, crackle, and popping” my neck.  From the very first “pop”, I already felt a difference.  After the second treatment, my symptoms never reoccurred - they were gone!  I have to admit, I was surprised and even amazed.  I truly underestimated the abilities and skill of a chiropractor.  You understood my pain and the source thereof to where you were able to correct the problem.  Truly, you are a gem.

As a result, a year and half later, I am cured and I cannot emphasize enough the value of what you have done for me.  I have also referred two others.  Had you not been able to assist me in this matter, I would have been deemed permanently disabled.  I now work as a free-lance court reporter.  The doctors had no answers and only wanted to medicate me.  But you actually solved the problem - a world of difference.  With genuine gratitude, thank you.  You’ll never know the value of what you have done for me.  God bless.


Estela Grijalva

Certified Court Reporter"


“This therapy on the DRX table has been most beneficial for me. It took the pain way down in intensity. (from 7 to 3, within the first few sessions).”


Thank you.


Lorraine Parsons

Hanford, CA


“I had a severe injury that had me disabled. I couldn’t even walk without using crutches. My wife found Dr. Mitchell’s phone number in the phone book. Dr. Mitchell was the one who found my problem & he suggested that I try the decompression machine instead of considering surgery. I started the treatment and after a month I could start feeling results. Now I can walk without the crutches. Thank you Dr. Mitchell, I feel a lot better.”


Jose Ramos

Tulare, CA


“After the DRX treatment I can wake up in the morning without back pain. Everyone in the office was great. Dr. Mitchell was very accommodating. Thank you for everything.”


Victor Mendez

Tipton, CA


“Since my auto accident in June, I was coming home from work completely in pain, sometimes barely able to walk. Then Dr. Mitchell told me about the DRX9000 and began treatment. Today, not only can I pick my son up without hurting myself, I can play basketball and run for miles at a time, all pain free. I am now a believer that this machine works.


Thank you for all you help and kindness.”


Mark Schoenfeld

Tulare, CA


“I have been dealing with lower back pain for ten years and never felt better since doing the DRX with Dr. Mitchell. Thank you to Dr. Mitchell and his staff.”

Tony Jorge

Tulare, CA


I am a person that can take a lot of pain, but my back pain got to a point that it was hard to walk or stand, even mopping the floor made it worse. After going through the treatment program on the DRX9000, I sometimes even forget that my back was hurting so bad. It’s great to know that I am not even thinking about my back.


Andrea Garcia

Tulare, CA


Before I started treatment on the DRX9000, I couldn’t walk from the front of the yard to the back without sitting down to relax the spasms of tension in my back. Now, after 20 treatments, I can exercise and walk a mile without pain. I feel so much younger and my body is enjoying no pain.


Gene W. Smith

Visalia, CA


The DRX machine has helped me out alot. When I first started coming to see Dr. Mitchell, I was in alot of pain and was barely able to do things at home. After my treatments, I am in less pain and I can do more at home. Dr. Mitchell and his staff are great!

Delia Rodriguez
Hanford, CA


After many years as a competitive motor cross rider, I’ve had A LOT of falls and injuries. As a result, over the last five years I have had excruciating pain in my lower back and left scapula bone. It has caused me massive amounts of loss of sleep, and numbness in my arms and legs, which in a way has handicapped me in every day life.


The pain and side effects of the pain caused a lot of grief in my life and relationships. It’s caused me digestive problems, too. At work, I only got by just enough to do my job since it constantly hurt to do just the bare minimum. I was taking medicine just to allow me to keep working, things like Darvocet, Vicoden, and morphine. I was taking something every day!


I’ve noticed that my digestion is better, and I can sleep the whole night through! I don’t have to take any medicine now! As a result, my attitude has changed, since I’m more mellow and relaxed. There is less stress and tension in my life now, and I can do my work without all that pain.


Thank you, I wish I had come in 5 years ago!


Stanley Boling

Tulare, CA


I’ve been working out and lifting weights for years. It’s one of the most enjoyable things in my life, and it keeps me in good shape. I was doing my regular work out at the gym…I lifted two dumbbells off the rack and twisted at an angle when I was hit with a sudden pain and numbness in my back. The pain bent me over, and I could hardly straighten my self up! My workouts stopped completely altogether, and I had to resort to Tylenol or Advil to keep working at my job.


A good friend of mine at work told me about Dr. Mitchell, and how he had fixed his back when he hurt it at the gym. I went to see Dr. Mitchell the next day. He did a thorough examination, took x-rays, explained the injury to my back, and how he can help. He started treatment with heat and electrical stimulation, and gentle adjustments to re-align the bones. I followed his directions, and after just a few weeks, I’m ready to start back at the gym, thanks to Dr. Mitchell and his staff.




Paul Avila

Tulare, CA


I'm a cowboy, and I love to team rope. It’s one of the things that make life great! Well, I thought I was going to have to stop roping last year…something I really didn’t even want to think about.


I had been having left sided neck pain over the last 10 months, with headaches, too. I don’t know what caused it, but it just started in and kept getting worse. When you team rope, you really have to concentrate, and that’s awful hard to do when you’re having a headache all the time. I thought it was my eyes, so I went to see the eye doctor. Turns out there was nothing wrong with my eyes! I was taking Advil just to make it tolerable, but that wasn’t fixing the problem.


My wife had seen Dr. Mitchell and she suggested that I see him, since he had helped her. I went to see Dr. Mitchell, and he checked out my neck and told me what needed to be done. Boy, am I glad I came in! I followed his treatment plan, and now my neck pain and headaches are gone! The really great part is all the side effects, too. My right shoulder had been bothersome before, and now that’s cleared up as well. I feel more alert, and I don’t feel like I need as much rest. Best of all, I can keep up with my team roping!


I am very pleased with everything here. Keep up the good work, Doc!


Claude Balaam,

Tulare, CA

I was having terrible headaches, all the time. My medical doctor had prescribed all sorts of different medication, with no relief. Having these headaches was really starting to affect me in many ways, and since I run a day-care, it’s very important that I’m not a grouch! My M.D. finally found a medication that reduced my headaches, but I had to take it all the time, and who knows what that was doing to my stomach (besides, it cost $160.00 for just a few pills!).


A few friends told me that I should try Dr. Mitchell, because they had experienced a lot of relief. Well, finally I did. Now, I don’t need the medicine AT ALL! My headaches are gone, and now I see Dr. Mitchell periodically to keep it that way. Thanks to Dr. Mitchell, my headache medication (and the headaches) are history!




Shirley Bradley

Tulare, CA


I was having severe headaches, at least 3 or 4 times every week. It started at the base of my neck and went to the top of my head. The pain would cause blotches in front of my eyes, too. I would sit and cry with the pain, and I began to get depressed and didn’t want to do anything or see anyone. I’d been having them for almost a year and sometimes it hurt so bad that I actually wanted to die…that’s how bad they hurt!


I was taking so many Ibuprofen tablets that it scared me, and they didn’t even work. I was also taking a sinus medication. My sister told me about Dr. Mitchell, and how he had helped her headaches. I came in for treatment, and after Dr. Mitchell determined what the problem was, he began to adjust and re-align my neck. I went through the recommended course of treatment, and the headaches began to slowly disappear! Now, my headaches are virtually gone, I don’t get the blotches in front of my eyes anymore, and my whole body feels better. I’m me again!


The whole staff here is great and very helpful. Dr. Mitchell sits and listens to you and cares how you are. Chiropractic has given me back my life, I’m the happy, fun person I was before the headaches started. I’m so grateful that I found Dr. Mitchell!




Sharon Cunningham

Tulare, CA


As a certified trainer, I exercise all the time…maybe too much. All the strain had caused my right hip to hurt consistently over the last 2 years, and it was starting to interfere with my job. I didn’t really want to slow down, but the pain got worse every time I had a long day, or did certain exercises.


I saw Dr. Mitchell for the pain, and he started adjusting the spine. I’m now about halfway through the planned course of treatment, and I already have a lot of relief. I can go through a hard day without it flooring me! I have more flexibility, more strength, and I know the pain will subside quickly if I over do it.


Hopefully, I can keep up the pace and stay pain free with regular adjustments!




Chris Hale

Certified Trainer

Visalia, CA


I love nothing better than to sew…quilts, or clothes, it doesn’t matter. Not only is sewing my occupation, but I do even more sewing for leisure time! Apparently all that sewing and quilting slowly began to cause a lot of pain and numbness in my neck, back and hand. I actually had to consider slowing down or even stopping the activity that I love so much!


I had already been diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and had surgery some time ago, but this pain was still slowly progressing. I certainly didn’t want any more surgery, and some of my friends told me that I should see Dr. Mitchell. Well, I’m sure glad I did! Dr. Mitchell did an examination, and took x-rays. He also ordered a nerve test for my arm pain, and he figured out what the problem was. Between Dr. Mitchell and the massage therapists, I have improved remarkably. The pain in the arm and hand is gone, and I only have stiffness after allot of sewing! Now I come in regularly to keep my spine aligned, and the muscles relaxed.






Ann Hinman

Tulare, CA


Before I came in to see Dr. Mitchell, I was having terrible tightness in the neck, headaches, and knots around my shoulder area. I was having alot of stress at work, and the pain was even worse at night. It was hard to sleep, with the constant headaches and pain. My job was becoming a problem, because it was hard to lift things over my shoulders, or drive. I was even having a hard time keeping my mind on anything, or taking walks with my wife!


I was taking Advil for the pain… way too much. I really am not one to take any medicine, and I didn’t like the idea of what the Advil was doing to my stomach.


After a course of treatment, I feel like a new man! My pain is gone, I have a better attitude, my general health is better, I’m more relaxed, eat better, sleep better, and I’ve learned how to handle stress. I also noticed that my low back feels better too, even though I didn’t come in for my back pain.


Dr. Mitchell’s staff is friendly, and the hours and location are convenient. Most of all, I like being able to talk to Dr. Mitchell as if he was a close friend. He listens with concern and respect. He is always trying to help me get better. I have a lot of confidence in him…He’s a GREAT DOCTOR!





Eddie Sauceda

Tulare, CA


About 25 years ago, I twisted my back while unloading groceries from the car. From then until the spring of last year, I was in varying degrees of pain. Sometimes I could hardly get out of bed, and I finally learned not to sleep in a flat bed. Vacuuming hurt, as did picking up a grandchild. Then I had my first visit with Dr. Steven Mitchell. Just by using his fingertips on my spine, he found my trouble spots. He did the work he is trained to do, and within a few months my quality of life was tremendously improved. Now, I visit his office once a month, and I do fine in between visits. When I tire my back, I sit down with my feet up for about 10 minutes and get up feeling fine. Dr. Mitchell introduced me to MSM, in tablet form and lotion. I use both of them regularly. When I have a question about new medicines, I’m always impressed with the amount of research that Dr. Mitchell has done. He has an inquiring mind. He is consistently on time, and friendly and kind, putting his patients at ease. Every night I thank God for this fine young doctor who has made such a drastic change in my life.



Donna Sharp

Tulare, CA